Domain Parking Tips

Jan 21st, 2014 | By | Category: Domain Sale and Parking Tips


  1. for international traffic 1 click generally performs better than a 2 click lander.
  2. for high cpc niches (insurance, finacne, business, etc) with American traffic 2 click usually outperforms 1 click.
  3. a common mistake a lot of newcomers make is trying to optimize their domains incorrectly (picking the wrong keywords, etc..)
  4. usually the system will auto optimize better than you can, with enough traffic it will pick optimal keywords.
  5. typo traffic tends to perform better with darker templates than ligher ones. (ex. Atlas at DS, or a dark theme at Voodoo)
  6. to sell more domains while parking take advantage of providers that offer wildcard domain url forwarding. (ex. Voodoo, ParkingCrew)
  7. don't worry too much about SEO if you are parking, gone are the days that parking pages rank for exact match domains.
  8. try to stay away from trademark domains, not worth it unless you like being sued by lawyers.

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