Optimizing Keywords In Your Post Titles

Dec 4th, 2010 | By | Category: Domain Sale and Parking Tips

Optimized titles are almost everything

Keywords in the body of your posts are really only the icing on the cake, but the real guts of getting good rankings for any given blog post consists of having the right keyword titles.

Most bloggers when they write a headline they have some idea about what keywords they want to include in their headline as they know the importance of rankings and SEO for it but yet they fail to research keywords properly for any given headline.

Bloggers know how important it is but!

Sure they think of using keywords in the title that they think they well rank well for, I repeat, that they THINK they will rank well for, but they fail to quickly research these keywords that they use in the headline before posting.

If they do research the keywords in the headline it can take them up to 15 mins as they will need to use 3 different windows to check stats including Google Insights, Google Trends and Google Competition window and to go back and forth and is tiring.

Because the post already took too much of their time and they have already lost their patience they are now are ready just to post it and get it over and done with, so they fail to implement and forget about how important the main part of the post is, the headline, the keywords in the headline not only strikes the audience for them to want to read more but also stand a good chance to get noticed in Google.
So is there an easy and quicker solution to finding keywords for post titles?

Yes there is, Keyword Winner was recently released to the market and is now the fastest growing SEO WordPress Plugin on the internet. It allows you to find very quickly keywords based on its competitive nature to suggest the best keyword to use for your blog post titles and saves minutes or hours of your time researching and implementing all of this.

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