Owning Multiple Domain Names Pointing To One Website

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So you have a website with a very good domain name. Why would you ever want another website address for essentially the same purpose? Honestly I’m not going to convince you why this would benefit you, when it comes to websites and domain names you either get it or you don’t. But, I will give you some examples of how this may enhance your website.

Understand where your website visitors come from

The first thing that you need to look at is how your website visitors (traffic) get to your site. This knowledge is basic and essential for every website to understand. Do they type the URL into the browser (Direct Navigation)? Click a link from another website (Link exchange)? Did they perform a Google search and your site was in the results? Don’t just trust your Search Engine Optimization professionals to give you these results, you need to know and understand this information for yourself. Now that you understand where the traffic comes from let’s look at how you can enhance it with using multiple domain names for 1 main website.

Traffic and Search Engine Optimazation

Since you have most likely concluded that your traffic comes from a variety of sources then the next logical step is to increase traffic by increasing the amount of sources it will arrive from. If your visitors arrive because they conducted a Google search for “Toys” and you were in the results page, wouldn’t you want to get listed under as many keywords results as possible? Wouldn’t you target “Children’s Toys”, “Toddler Toys” and “Educational Toys” as well? If your website url was GreatToys.com then you could capture the missing traffic if you owned ChildrensToys.com, ToddlerToys.com and EducationalToys.com then redirected the traffic that comes from these websites so that it lands at your main website “GreatToys.com”. I only use the “dot com” version as an example because in reality it works with “dot net”, “dot org” and “dot info” as well.

Do not let your competitor get the edge on you

Using the same example as above, what would happen if your competitors bought the additional domain names and redirected the traffic to their website. Your market share may stay the same but your competitors market share would most certainly will increase. With an increased market share they will be able to devote a higher dollar figure into their marketing budget and eventually that may cause your market share to drop. Look, there is only one domain name for each term. When it’s gone, it’s gone. Never again available. Then you will settle on the next best available name.

Specialty Marketing Campaign

Often times a website will launch a specialty marketing campaign that revolves around a domain name that relates to their business. A good way to use this method is to send that name to a “landing page”. Generally a landing page is just one page in length that tells of a special promotion, it is particularly effective when used with an easy to remember domain name.

Here is a good example of how this may be used…I own the domain name BikerSociety.com. Once I develop the website I will strategically place several signs around Biker Rallys like Daytona Bike Week or Sturgis. I will receive 10,000’s of thousands of hits in a matter of days because the name is so memorable, there is no need to write it down and it is targeted to my specific demographic. Those 10,000’s of hits will translate into conversions to newsletter subscriptions, merchandise sales and even future motorcycle sales referrals.

How will you enhance your web presence???

Take some time to personally review your web presence and determine if you can benefit from other outlets to drive traffic to your website. You may very well be missing some simple opportunities to increase your web presence and ultimately your bottom line.

Greg Slaughterbeck writes original articles for his blog, GrinaInc.com

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