SmartName allows you to putAdSense ads on domains.

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Ron Jackson of  DNJournal recently reported on an experiment with some keyword .us domains that he moved from traditional parking pages to SmartName shops, monetized by  Ron used some great one and two word product name domains that are not likely to naturally get type-in traffic Рnames like,,, and  (I wish I had more domains like these.) On his site he lists 10 domains that earned less than 50 cents over the previous 12 months.  These domains earled over $180 on SmartName in 4 months.  

He earned additional money from AdSense on these domains, since  allows you to put your own AdSense ads on your domains.  You can read more details by scrolling down The Lowdown on his site.   SmartName creates actual shops for your domains and fills them with products.  Search engines treat these domains just like other ships on the Internet and you can get an SEO boost.  

If you have product-related keyword domains, even if they are not dotcom, consider SmartName¬†– and be sure to use their “shops” option.

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