Domain Scams and How to Avoid Them

Jul 14th, 2010 | By | Category: Domain Scam & Legal Issues

On any given day hundreds of different scams are launched and scores of fraudulent sites spring up to dupe consumers. Websites such as,, and were all created to scam inexperienced domainers.

The basic concept of these scam sites requires an “interested buyer” and a naïve domain seller. In the case of the scam, the seller receives a promotional email for a one-time free trial advertisement in order to sell their domains. Soon after posting the advertisement an interested buyer contacts the seller and requests an appraisal. The seller is then offered several appraisers including which also happens to be the cheapest option. The seller pays to get the domain appraised and attempts to reply to the prospective buyer but never gets a response.

Similarly, requires the seller to promote their domain names through their advertisements. The seller will receive three or more responses from interested buyers. A clever domain seller was able to catch that although the emails appeared to be coming from three separate domainers the incoming mail header signified that they had all come from the same mail server.

To the untrained eye these sites may appear to be legitimate. However, domainers should exercise caution when appraising their domains by only using trustworthy sites or services that have been recommended by others who have had positive experiences. Thanks to those who have spread the news about such bogus sites and it appears that and are no longer in operation.

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