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posted by Jamie Zoch in December 9th, 2010 

I had hand registered a domain name earlier this week (12/6/10) to be exact and today (12/9/10) I received a spam email from the address newdomain@inline.me . The email stated (links removed):

I noticed you just bought DomainHere.com.

Our statistics indicate that your domain’s primary keyword phrase, ‘DomainHere’, gets around 210 exact local searches per month and 356 exact global searches per month. We have many similar domain names available that get a lot more monthly searches and will bring you a lot more traffic.

Here is our list of domains about Keywords Here.
adddomainnames.com (link removed)

We also have a daily premium domain drop list.
Subscribe to our drop list
adddomainnames.com (link removed)

Have a representative email you a custom list of domains on your topic.
adddomainnames.com (link removed)

We can also help you with developing your domains, hosting your websites, and getting your sites to rank high in the search engines.

10765 Reading Road – Cincinnati, Ohio
We have acquired your info from the contact information listed for your site
You are not on our mailing list nor will your email be given to any 3rd party.
Thank you for your time and consideration.
If you do not wish to receive anymore emails from us unsubscribe: adddomainnames.com (link removed)

This is a classic Whois Spammer. They monitor new domain name registrations using zone files. They do bulk whois checks to obtain email addresses listed in whois and send bulk emails to these people who just purchased domains. This is the very same process that is used for “domain appraisal scams”.

Warning! Do not click the Unsubscribe link in the email, because it will actually sign you up! Simply do not click any link in the email.

The email address used in whois for the domains that I looked at, all contained rusty@secfanatics.com

I found it funny how they state “We have acquired your info from the contact information listed for your site” . Well, I do not have ANY contact information on my “site”, so I know they used whois.

You can report spam to the FTC here but it is a long process to fill out the forms… you can also forward the spam email to spam@uce.gov

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