Google Releases “Overture Score”-Like Tool

Dec 20th, 2010 | By | Category: Domain Tools

Enhancement to keyword tool provides domainers with more accurate tool to forecast domain traffic.

“Three cheers for Google!”

That’s not something you hear many domainers say these days. But Google has just released a new feature on its Keyword Tool that will bring a smile to domainers’ faces: search volumes.

The tools is similar to the famed Overture inventory tool that showed you how many times someone searched for a particular keyword or domain. For example, if you searched for, the Overture tool would tell you the number of times people searched for “” during any given month. Domainers used this information to estimate type-in traffic on domain names before buying them.

Previously, Google provided only a bar graph of estimated traffic along with estimated clicks for ads in the top three spots.

google keyword search estimate

The new feature has some quirks that will take some working out. You’ll notice that shows “insufficient data” for search volume but “car com” shows 550,000 searches. I imagine “car com” includes but it may also include other variants.

Regardless, this is a huge boon for domainers. I can’t say the same thing for the myriad of other keyword search estimation tools. Next up, Google appears to be taking on and with its “Trends for web sites” tool.

By the way, the Overture Score tool ( is officially dead. It kept popping up every once in a while, but now the URL forwards to the Yahoo Small Business page. R.I.P.

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