CEO Kelly Conlin Offers Insights in DNJournal State of the Industry Artic

Jan 29th, 2011 | By | Category: Domains Marketing News

Every year Ron Jackson of solicits insights from the domain name industry’s leading luminaries. In this year’s cover story, CEO Kelly Conlin was “first up”, providing insights on the most important developments of 2010 and expected trends in 2011.

Said Conlin: “Domain investors have long believed that domains represent a new asset class and analogize domains to the real estate industry, or to financial securities. For that to be true, however, the industry had to evolve to have the infrastructure, transparency and liquidity that those other, more mature asset classes enjoy. If I own a share of stock, for example, there is a well established mechanism for trading that stock – with the click of a mouse – on trusted platforms that aggregate buyers and sellers. In the domain world, those transactions have been more cumbersome, marked by lack of trust and transparency. And that has held back the industry from realizing the benefits that more liquidity would bring. In 2010, however, the industry took a giant leap forward in changing that.”

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