How to Push Domains to Clients at GoDaddy

Jul 9th, 2010 | By | Category: Domains Marketing News

This article used to contain information about bulk-pushing domains at GoDaddy, since their old system made it quite complicated. However since GoDaddy’s interface re-design it’s no longer difficult, so I am now changing this article to help with the next annoying GoDaddy interface problem : the hoops they make clients jump through to accept a pushed domain.

When you push a domain to a client, they receive an email with ‘instructions’ for accepting the push. However, the email is extremely unclear and it is highly unlikely that most people can even find the ‘Accept Account Change’ link since GoDaddy’s re-designed interface has moved it to an obscure location. So, when I push a GoDaddy domain to a client, I include the instructions below. Feel free to copy these instructions for sending to your own clients. It is even useful to send these instructions to ‘seasoned domainers’ since many do not use GoDaddy often, and so appreciate the tips.

We have begun the transfer process. You should soon receive an email from GoDaddy, the email will include the important Transaction Codes which you must enter into your GoDaddy account to complete the transfer.

Please follow these steps :

(1) Log in to your GoDaddy account

(2) Click ‘My Account’

(3) Look for the text : ‘Domain Names’ (top left next to the blue globe). Do not click on this, but simply move your mouse pointer over the words ‘Domain Names’ and a list of options will appear below – click on ‘Accept an Account Change’.

(4) You will then be asked for the Transaction ID and Code, you will find these in the email you received from GoDaddy.

(5) The rest of the transfer process requires you to keep clicking ‘Continue’ many times until the ‘transfer order’ is complete. Unfortunately many people have some difficulty completing the whole process, because it is easy to mistakenly think that the process is complete when in fact there are still more steps that you need to ‘Continue’ through. GoDaddy considers this process to be a ‘transfer order’ with a charge of $0.00 and to complete the order you need to go through all the steps of the ‘Checkout’ procedure until it says your order is complete and there are no more steps. If you have any difficulty please feel free to contact us.

(6) After completing the whole Checkout process, you will soon receive another email from GoDaddy to confirm that the process has been completed successfully.


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