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The website looks very professional and elegant, the parking information are very detail, the navigation is easy to use, the multi-language option is amazing.

Here are some of its current best features:

  • First parking company to ever offer HOURLY reporting
  • interface in 15 languages and growing.
  • The very popular feature request to add clicks, ctr, and cpc.
  • Exports
  • Better support. Knowledge base and finally dedicated personel to handle your support cases within a day.
  • API from the account settings page
  • Payout history
  • and more. 

 Form you can see: UI Release

After an enormous amount of user feedback and lots of hard work, we have finally released the new user interface. This is a milestone for our Bodis domain parking system. This upgrade includes a handful of features that our users have requested and will also allow the Bodis team to work more effectively and efficiently. This new UI was designed to open up a whole new door for upgrades and implementation of user suggestions as quickly and effectively as possible. We are certainly not finished implementing all of our user suggestions. This UI will help us get there sooner. 

Aside from being a more effective system for the Bodis team, it also offers a handful of new options for the user. One of our main goals was to better reach and serve our international users. We’ve added multiple languages to the Bodis site so that our non-English speaking users can feel like they’ve come to the right place. We have more languages than any other competitor. We want to make sure that no user ever feels left out or neglected based on their location.


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